There is an extremely wide choice of bridge saws available. We have set ourselves the objective of satisfying those customers looking for machinery that is robust, easy-to-use, customizable and precise over the long-term.

ROBUST: High sheet thicknesses of bridge and trolley, bridge structure with internal ribs and billet machined V-form skids, high cross-section HEM beam side joists.

EASY-TO-USE: Program developed in-house in collaboration with the best marble cutters, to differentiate our machinery from other machines that promise to do everything but in the end significantly complicate the life of the cutter and drive production costs beyond expectations.                                                   

CUSTOMIZABLE: We realized that every company has its own very different work system and so we created a customizable saw with tailored programs, control panel positioning, operating paths and powers.

LONG-TERM PRECISION: The basic movements that must remain precise are lateral displacement and rotation of the bench.

The lateral movement is via precision gearing controlled by an inverter and encoder on the pinion axis. The latter is supported by double bearings on both sides and is easily removable thanks to bolt joints. The extra large pinion module is the same as the one we use on our block cutters.


The bench is the greatest strength of our bridge saws. Thanks to experience in the field servicing and repairing cutters from other manufacturers, we have produced an improved motorized rotating bench that is extremely precise even after many years of operation. All components designed to generate and control the rotation are perfectly protected from water. Degree measurements are made via a magnetic reader that reads the actual position of the bench on a large ring. There are no encoders mounted on the other pinions or on the gearbox which in time can lead to unwanted mechanical play. There are no quick wearing external blocking turrets or wedge blocking. With our system, the operator can load slabs without worrying about alignment on the bench. Once loaded, the bench is turned until the laser is aligned with the cut to be obtained and the system is zeroed at this point. From there degree measurements are calculated with respect to this virtual zero. All moving parts can be lubricated from the outside of the machine without removing any protection or guard.

  Technical data sheet download

Technical data sheet

Diametro massimo disco verticale
Max vertical disk diameter
Diamètre max du disque vertical
mm 650 650 1200 1600 650

Altezza massima filagna
Max strip width      

Hauteur max de coupe
mm 210 210 440 610 210

Potenza motore disco verticale
Vertical disk motor power

Puissance moteur disque vertical

Kw 17 20 36 75 17
Taglio longitudinale utile
Max longitudinal cut
Coupe longitudinal
mm 3500 3500 3000 3500 3500

Inclinazione disco

Disk inclinable 

Rotation du disque

° 45 90 90 - 90

Corsa salita discesa asse z

Vertical stroke asse z

Course de montés/descente axis z

mm 450 400 450 620 300

Dimensione ingombro laterale

Machine width

Largeur de la machine
mm 5000 5000 5200 5300 5000

Altezza massima dal pavimento

Max height  to the flor

Hauteur max 
mm 3500 3500 4000 4600 3600

Dimensione ingombro longitudinale

Machine length

Longueur de la machine
mm 5800 5800 5800 8000 6500

Peso della macchina
Weight of the machine                                                                    

Poids de la machine
Kg 5500 5600 6200 9000 6000


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